MSW602X - BUILDEX Cross-Industry Keynote: Understanding Biophilic Design and its Application in Commercial Design

Monday, November 30 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM « Back

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Early Bird Price: $40+ tax (before Nov 13); Regular Price: $55+ tax (after Nov 13)

Biophilic Design has taken the design community by storm in recent years, but this research-focused design philosophy is neither new in concept nor a novelty. Nature as inspiration for design is evident in some of our most beloved architecture. As stress and other aspects of wellbeing come to the forefront of public awareness, biophilic design is being recognized as a viable approach for supporting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the built environment. In sectors across society, companies are using biophilic design to improve economic outcomes, whether that be fewer sick days in offices, higher test scores in schools, or reduced staff errors in hospitals. In 2012, Bill Browning co-authored The Economics of Biophilia – a distinct turning point for public adoption of biophilic design. Bill will provide an overview to the science and design philosophy of biophilic design and its evolution as a practice of ‘good design’. He will also share his project experience and insights to the challenges and opportunities that come with biophilic design implementation.


IDCEC 1.0 HSW Hour
1.0 AAA Structured LH

Education Tracks: Project Design | Planning | Delivery | Mgmt. & Best Practices, Design Concepts | Health | Wellness & Interiors, Sustainable Design | Environment | Energy Efficiency & Higher Performance Buildings

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