MSW183X - The Role of Leaders, Managers and Peers in Tackling Racism and Oppression

Monday, November 30 from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM « Back

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Recent events around the Black Lives Matter movement and global protests have foregrounded the need for more powerful dialogue around racism and oppression in our societies, government institutions and workplaces. Organization and business leaders are reflecting on their culture and practices while responding to their employees’ and the community’s call to action, but the path is not always clear, and the terrain is unfamiliar. At the same time, colleagues are often learning from their BIPOC colleagues and peers to help understand their lived experience as a first step.  The panel will reflect the current context, industry-specific challenges, necessary calls to action, and how our industry leaders, managers and colleagues all have a role to play in tackling racism and oppression. Join us to listen, learn, recognize and understand your first or next steps on the anti-racism agenda and how it can become part of a structured, business response.

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