THSW607X - Building Your Resilience: Helping Interior Designers Reduce Stress and Build Resilience in Turbulent Times

Thursday, December 3 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM « Back

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COVID-19. Economic and political uncertainty. Climate change. Career choices. Family commitments. Our lives are increasingly complex, changing and pressure-filled. The negative impacts of high stress and burnout are well documented. The key to overcoming this growing threat to our well-being is learning how to build resilience and shifting our behavior to better respond to stress. Most of us operate in fast-paced and demanding workplaces. We are part of an “always-on” culture that encourages us to work anytime from anywhere, and we are feeling the impacts of this. According to a recent study, Interior Designers, in particular, appear more susceptible to cynicism and exhaustion than almost all other professions. You can learn to become more resilient. This interactive, experiential session will explore how you can build resilience and increase your capacity to better respond to rising levels of stress and burnout. During the session, you will be invited to slow down, reflect and assess your own personal sources of stress; you will learn what contributes to resilience; and you will be challenged to select new behaviors to start building your own personal resilience.

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IDCEC 1.0 HSW Hour
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Education Tracks: Professional Skills | Strategy & Leadership, Project Design | Planning | Delivery | Mgmt. & Best Practices, Design Concepts | Health | Wellness & Interiors

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